MUSIC: App Offers A Colorful System For Learning Music

Major Harmony’s ChordLand app debuts as a “revolutionary new system for seeing sound-colors and learning how music fits together and interrelates.” A cartoon-based iPad app, it promises to be an alluring way for having fun while learning music.

Major Harmony ChordLand iPad app – Learn accelerated music lessons using the patented Harmony Matrix with sound-colors, box patterns and music cartoons. The new ChordLand app is a powerful music organizer. All scales, chords and keys are listed in connected color harmony. This app teaches the student to read the color grand staff.

ChordLand employs the company’s patented Harmony Matrix that features sound-colors, box patterns, and music cartoons. The app organizes and lists all scales, chords and keys in connected color harmony. It teaches students to read the color grand staff.

At the core of the Harmony Matrix is a patented approach to seeing music through colors, geometric patterns, and animations. The Matrix’s 12-tone grid offers a tool that organizes all harmony, creating a fast and easy way to color-reference applied music.

According to the company, its method is what many educators refer to as “multiple intelligences.” In this case, they refer to the method of using different doors to open the brain’s pathways to learning.

Major Harmony’s ChordLand is available now at the Apple App Store. Simultaneously released is Major Harmony’s HMX Master Guitar app for iPad. Geared for intermediate and advanced players, it applies the same Harmony Matrix method and color-coded approach to the guitar’s fretboard. For more details, visit Major Harmony.

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