DESIGN: VR Simulator Addresses Today’s Safety Concerns

With the goal of training law-enforcement personnel to develop critical thinking plus de-escalation, and tactical skills, Axon unveils its unique Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator Training. Targeting current public-safety challenges, the simulator trainer generates complex situations and real-time feedback to provide an immersive training experience.

Unlike traditional police training methods, which Axon claims are “time-consuming, unrealistic and expensive”, the VR simulator provides officers with greater access to training on how to best interact with the community, de-escalate effectively, and support individuals in crisis. It provides relevant content and allows trainees to work through complex scenarios, created by a diverse network of first responders and subject matter experts.

An initial training module covers domestic violence. It allows officers to walk through a scene as well as talk as they would in the field. Feedback from trainers and supervisors allow them to practice and enhance their skills.

The simulator employs wireless VR headsets from HTC VIVE. These are all-in-one units with no extraneous hardware and no time or space constraints. Axon’s VR Simulator training also integrates the TASER 7 device and training handguns, allowing officers to use real hardware in the virtual domain.

The VR Training integrates into an agency’s current training programs with connection to the Axon Academy learning management system. Axon is accepting orders for the VR Simulator Training and will ship to US customers in the third quarter of 2021.

For more details visit Axon VR Simulator Training and/or call 1-800-978-2737.

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