ART: SVG Animator App Pumps Up With Latest Update

Making its debut in 2017, SVGator is a popular online scalable vector graphics (SVG) creator and animator tool. According to its authors, this animation app will “outrun major design tools with its latest global release of SVGator 3.0.” A lofty claim indeed!

The online app is now a full-featured SVG creator and animator that offers a versatile toolset for creation and animation in one place. Its intuitive interface comes with an array of familiar graphic tools and shapes, adds fast editing options, and features an expanding assets library. Users can animate and export their graphic as an interactive animation that plays on click, on hover, or on scroll.

Update features include a pen tool that allows designers to draw without any interruption. They can select and move node points and adjust bezier curves on the go. Basic shapes, e.g., rectangles, circles, polygons, stars, etc., are already available and compound shapes and custom paths are reportedly easy to edit.

A groundbreaking SVG creator & animator

Described as a remarkable update feature, the origin point of an object will stay where it’s put. As a result, the pencil tool creates a significantly lower number of node points than comparable SVG tools.

Other new features include preview and export options that are visible on a single panel, snapping options, smart guides, a professional grid system, and a huge assets library offering reusable elements.

SVGator 3.0 offers three pricing plans: Free, Lite, and Pro. The free SVG creator allows designers to export an unlimited number of static projects and potential users can test all features free charge, no credit card necessary.

Ready roll? What are you waiting for, a written invitation? Get on board with SVGator 3.0 now and, yes, there are numerous tutorials on tap.

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