TECHNOLOGY: Tech Wizards Predict The Future Of 3D Cameras

Microsoft and 3D-camera maker Orbbec are hoping to set the future direction for 3D cameras. Collaborating with the software giant, Orbbec is ramping up to manufacture and provide broad access to advanced time-of-flight (ToF) 3D cameras built on Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform. Pairing Microsoft’s 3D-sensor technology and Orbbec’s camera design expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and embedded computing technology, the company will introduce cameras in 2022.

Orbbec stated its plan to introduce a ToF camera product line at CES 2021. The cameras will support multiple ToF Sensors, on-board depth computing, six-axis inertial-measurement unit (IMU) motion tracking, multi-camera synchronization, and a bevy of 3D-imaging features.

The Orbbec partnership with Microsoft forecasts the development of a unique series of high-performance 3D cameras, capable of running advanced depth vision algorithms using onboard computing to convert raw data into precise depth images. The cameras will connect to Azure and leverage device management, data streaming, and artificial intelligence (AI) analytics capabilities.

The first camera is set to debut in early 2022. To learn more, visit Orbbec website and the Azure Depth Platform page.

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