MUSIC: Wine, (fill in the blank), & Song

I’m sure it’s obvious that, if you can mix weed and art, you can seamlessly pair music and cognac. There’s an old phrase, “wine, (you fill in the blank, I have to be politically correct), and song”, that suggests many a great love affair and related music are the result of a mild to serious alcoholic bender.

You could probably categorize the music by the type of libation. For instance, wine and cognac usually lead to great love songs and epic orchestral and choral pieces while bourbons, rye, and whiskey are conducive to rock, blues, and jazz. Coors light? Country Western, of course. But be that as it may, I digress.

Rémy Martin is collaborating with Grammy-award winning artist Usher to celebrate the blending of two cultures: music and cognac. Part of this collaboration, “Team Up For Excellence – The Film” intends to highlight the cultural connection between cognac and American music since 1917 in France and how the two are still synonymous.

Created in collaboration with FRED &FARID New York, the film narrates a story spanning the decades from the 1920’s to today and pays tribute to the multi–cultural connections, celebrated styles, and rhythms of the past. Usher states, “Music doesn’t need Cognac to exist, and Cognac doesn’t need Music to exist. But what is beautiful is that they were meant to meet and when they did, they created cultural harmony.”

Feeling parched, a bit dry in the throat? Pay a visit to Rémy Martin. Don’t forget to bring ID.

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