DESIGN: COVID-19 Gets Its Own Little Passport

For US employers, employees, travelers, and the general population, USHealthPass offers what it says is “a safe, secure, and portable tool to validate anyone’s COVID health status.” With many Americans receiving COVID-19 vaccines or recovering from the virus, personal-health care and case management provider NAHA Health partnered with USHealthPass on creating a secure, digital tool that can safely confirm a person’s COVID status.

Initially, the USHealthPass tool functions as a vaccine passport but also can cover anyone, whether they’re vaccinated or not, a survivor of COVID-19, or are showing no signs of exposure or symptoms. The tool keeps users’ health information secure, making data accessible only to licensed healthcare professionals.

Reportedly easy to use, safe, and secure, USHealthPass users register for free and upload their status from a vaccine card, recent negative COVID-19 test, or medical document showing a previous COVID-19 diagnosis. For individuals who do not have documentation, USHealthPass provides other forms including a multi-day symptom questionnaire. The resulting validation includes up to six months clearance for vaccinated persons, three weeks for a recent COVD-19 test, or an alternate duration for those with other forms of documentation.

The USHealthPass mobile app works on iPhone and Android devices and displays a QR code that confirms the user’s name, birthday, and time stamp of health clearance. For more details, visit NAHA Health and USHealthPass.

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