TECHNOLOGY: Quanta Image Sensors Make Market Debut

Creator of the quanta image sensor (QIS), Gigajot Technology unveils what it claims are the “world’s first commercially-available quanta image sensors.” The CMOS-based QIS devices employ the company’s patented sensor architecture and pixel design to achieve noise figures so low that the sensor can accurately detect individual photons of light. 

The QIS is capable of photon counting at room temperature while operating at full speed. Boasting a 5x to 10x read-noise improvement over conventional small pixel image sensors, the QIS enables imaging at ultra-low light levels not previously possible.

Gigajot’s components target high-performance imaging apps like scientific, medical, defense, industrial, space, etc. One example, the 16-megapixel GJ01611 employs a 1.1-µm pixel to achieve a room-temperature 0.19-electron read noise and less than 0.09 electron/second/pixel dark current. Also available, the 4-Mpixel GJ00422 employs a 2.2-µm pixel and provides a 0.27 electron read noise with a single-exposure high dynamic range of 100 dB. Supporting the GJ00422 and GJ01611, the QIS CDK development kit provides a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and software in a small form factor.

Getting excited about these unique imaging components but thirst for deeper data and details? If so, procure and peruse the GJ00422 and GJ01611 datasheets. Also, take a deeper look at the QIS CDK Photon-Counting USB3 Modular Camera DevKit.

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