DESIGN: Self-Charging Battery Achieves Milliamp Milestone

Strategic Elements is claiming several development milestones for its moisture-powered self-charging battery. The first is a demonstration of the company’s Battery Ink technology powering an electronic device equipped with multiple sensors and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication. The ability to power BLE connectivity will enable wireless sensor networks for wearable and internet of things (IoT) devices that transmit data to other devices like mobile phones, computers, and others.

Deemed most significant, the second milestone is to print a prototype battery pack with the Battery Ink that can generate over a one milliamp (1 mA) of current from moisture (humidity) only. Obviously, achieving this higher milliamp range expands the range of devices a battery can power.

Strategic Elements’ Battery Ink technology employs graphene oxide-based ink to print small, thin, and lightweight battery cells on surfaces like glass and plastic. The battery cells derive power and self-charge from moisture only. According to the company, “moisture from humidity in the air and graphene oxide are a readily available, environmentally-friendly source of energy compared to alternatives based on lithium.”

Curious about this unique power technology but require higher knowledge and illumination? If so, pay a visit to the Strategic Elements website.

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