TECHNOLOGY: FDA Says AI Is Okay For Dentists

Trumpeted as a dental industry first, artificial-intelligence company Overjet has achieved FDA 510(k) clearance for its Overjet Dental Assist platform. The platform is a Software as a Medical Device product that applies artificial intelligence (AI) in real-time to help dental professionals in measuring mesial and distal bone levels in bitewing and periapical radiographs for the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. According to Overjet, periodontal disease affects approximately 46% US adults, including.

In clinical tests, Overjet Dental Assist performed automated measurement capabilities comparable to a team of highly skilled dentists. In one trial, three experienced dentists independently measure bone levels on dental radiographs using a measuring tool. The measurements are further verified by an oral radiologist to establish an official consensus ground truth. Compared with the dentists’ measurements, AI-powered Dental Assist measurements displayed an average difference of just 0.3 mm.

Overjet’s in-practice AI software interfaces with existing dental-practice management software. In addition to high-quality dental care, the software automates administrative tasks and identifies areas for growth. For further illumination, visit the Overjet website.

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