ART: Bitchcoin NFTs Redeemable For Rose Petals

Phillips is announcing the sale of “Bitchoin”, a work by conceptual artist Sarah Meyohas, notable also as an early pioneer in the crypto currency field. In February 2015, Meyohas released “Bitchcoin” as one of the first tokenizations of art on the blockchain. Considered artworks, these coins were redeemable for unique examples from the artist’s physical works.

Working directly with the artist today, Phillips will offer five bundles of a total of 480 “Bitchcoins” via an online-only auction, open for bidding from May 25 to 28 May, 2021. Backing of the coins consists of rose petals from Meyohas’ 2017 Cloud of Petals project. An immersive AI-driven event, the artist and 16 workers photographed 100,000 rose petals to create a foundational dataset to produce an infinite number of algorithmically-produced digital petals.

Exhibition view of Sarah Meyohas: Cloud of Petals. Red Bull Arts New York, in New York City, NY, USA on 10 October, 2017

Ready to bid but need further illumination? If so, visit Phillips’ “Bitchcoin by Sarah Meyohas” overview.

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