DESIGN: Solid-State Tech Fashions Unique EV Batteries

Solid Power, noted maker of all-solid-state batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), is revealing details about its All-Solid-State Platform technology and three innovative battery designs it enables. The platform employs the company’s proprietary sulfide solid electrolyte. It makes possible the simultaneous use of high-content silicon and lithium metal in the anode along with industry-standard cathodes including lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides (NMC).

The platform can also use low-cost and high specific-energy conversion type cathodes that are not suitable in lithium-ion or other liquid-based cell architectures. According to Solid Power, pairing with a lithium metal anode, the conversion type cathodes can remove cobalt and nickel from the cathode entirely and cut cathode active-material costs by 90%.

A Solid Power scientist holds two 2 Ah high-content silicon all-solid-state batteries in front of a coated silicon electrode layer. Both were manufactured on Solid Power’s Colorado-based production line using industry standard lithium-ion production processes and equipment.

Making high-content silicon anode cells since 2017, the company produces all-solid-state cells up to 2 ampere hours (Ah) using industry-standard lithium-ion equipment and processes. Production of a 20 Ah high-content silicon anode cell is set for the end of 2021 with 100 Ah possibly following in 2022. For deeper details and data, visit Solid Power.

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