Cost-Effective Thermal Camera Cores Fit Any OEM Application

Noted manufacturer of affordable thermal imaging sensors and related products, Seek Thermal is expanding its Mosaic OEM thermal-camera core portfolio to include a total of 53 components. Tailored for easy integration into any application, the thermal cameras are configurable by resolution, field of view, and frame rate. A small sampling of target applications includes test & measurement, security surveillance, public safety, outdoor recreation, internet of things (IoT), and personal vision systems.

The Mosaic Core OEM Thermal Camera family from Seek Thermal now includes 53 total product offerings configurable by resolution, field of view and frame rate – for virtually any application.

Mosaic camera cores range in size (L x W x H) from 10 mm x 20 mm x 21 mm to 23 mm x 20 x mm x 21 mm. Core specs include a 320×240 or 200×150 sensor resolution, 15° to 105° field of view, a temperature-detection range from -40°C to +330°C, and a frame rate from less than 9 Hz to 32 Hz.

Other features include low power consumption, low weight, easy to use development tools, dual-gain smart pixels, 12-µm pixels, and an array of starter kits to evaluate and integrate thermal imaging into a variety of platforms. For greater gleanings, peruse the Mosaic OEM thermal-camera core overview.

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