Rare NFT Collections Help Artists Recover From The Pandemic Blues

With galleries and other art institutions closing during the great plague of the 21st century, COVID-19, artists have been doing what they used to do in the old days: starve. Well, I don’t know how much weight artists are losing lately, but they obviously are hurting in the pocket.

To help these hurting artists, several rare nonfungible token (NFT) photo images are going up for auction with the help of Max Maxxton, the enigmatic art photographer and digital-effects artist who goes by the pseudonym Maxxton for “operational security during urban photo Safaris.” The NFT images are in high-definition format and are suitable for creating derivative works ranging from Beeple style collages to unique avatars.

The gallery art collection includes original, one-of-a-kind artworks and unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. In terms of the urban-art collection, street artists like to paint over each other’s work, making this NFT collection very rare because many of the originals no longer exist. For example, imagine painting over Picasso’s work.

Girl in Summer Watercolor

Also up for grabs is a 70s pop art NFT collection that appeals to Comicon fans, video gamers, and NFT investors in general. This is a private collection stored in a cool dry space since the 1970s.

All the NFTs in these collections are set to the OpenSea.io maximum 2.5% referral fee. OpenSea rewards this amount to registered affiliates who refer NFT buyers. A portion of all Gallery Collection NFT sales will go to help struggling artists.

Blue Harbor Original Painting in Acrylic

For deeper dealings and data, take a look at the Gallery Art Collection, Street URBAN Art Collection, and the 70s Pop Art NFTs Collection. If you indulge, happy bidding.

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