Free Audio Track Enables Personal Stress Reduction

Are you feeling stressed, depressed, and repressed while getting ready to regress? I do not digress when I say let not your heart be heavy, some free relief is on the way. Bio Music One is launching an audio track employing sonic vibration technology on the App Store and Google Play. Free of charge, the audio offering just may change your outlook on life…well…maybe.

According to the track’s creators, sonic vibration technology aims to reduce human stress that results from personal and environmental factors. Bio Music One is active-audio technology integrated into musical productions. It diffuses sonic vibrations, which reportedly exhibit beneficial bio-active properties. Studies indicate these vibrations may help to reduce stress and make it easier to feel good, physically and psychologically, no matter what circumstances users find themselves in.

Bio Active Music for stress free, new conscious awareness

Using Bio Music One requires no effort other than listening attentively to a track or an album. Listener support is via two listening modes:

  1. Inaudible and Continuous Mode promotes a sustained release of stress without interfering with daily activities.
  2. Conscious Listening Mode accelerates the release of stress and facilitates awareness.

Listeners may experience noticeable positive changes on personal, interpersonal, and professional levels, at their own pace and according to their needs. Of course, results can vary depending on the listener. More details are available in the “Well-being and the pandemic: How to help people cope” paper, downloadable below:

Okay, are you ready to destress and refresh your mind, body, and whatever? Then download the free “Bio Active Listening” track from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Also, you may want to download the Bio Music One App. Happy listening!

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