Medical Watch Keeps An Eye On Astronaut Vitals

Medical-tech company CardiacSense’s medical watch is the device of choice by the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute to remotely monitor vital signs and general medical condition of Israeli Astronauts while cruising through space. Clinically verified, the medical grade watch performs continuous, long-term, and comfortable patient monitoring without the need to implant invasive cardiac monitors.

The watch will monitor astronaut Eytan Stibbe’s vital signs and general health condition during his mission to the international space station. Set for February 2022, his mission is part of the Rakia Project by the Ramon Foundation and in collaboration with the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute. The Rakia Project is part of the first private mission to space by SpaceX.

CardiacSense’s medical watch already carries the CE Mark plus Israeli Ministry of Health regulatory approval and may be available for commercial use during the upcoming quarter. Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute’s CMIO, Dr. Eran Schenker says, “In space, many psychological changes occur and affect the human body. Monitoring vital signs using CardiacSense’s medical watch allows, for the first time, for a simple and continuous observation of many metrics that will greatly help in understanding the biological processes that astronauts experience while in space.”

Although you may never cruise the galaxies and/or go where some men and women have gone before, this watch may be of interest to you in your earthly endeavors. If so, you can check out the CardiacSense watch overview and/or procure and peruse the CardiacSense medical watch brochure

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