NFT Collection Puts A New Spin On Sports

Rage.Fan, a sports and fantasy sports platform, claims it is “bringing a whole new dimension to sports fandom with their nonfungible token (NFT) collection.” According to the platform’s team, sports fans can enjoy their sports events while earning rewards via NFTs.

Aptly described, NFTs are unique and verifiable digital pieces of art. Unlike bitcoins, which are replaceable with another bitcoin, NFTs cannot replace another NFT. Allegedly, this feature makes NFTs highly desirable for art connoisseurs and, now, sports fans.


Rage.Fan already markets its $Rage token and their collection of memorabilia and investment NFTs. The platform began with cricket-based NFTs during the Indian Premier League, which is now inactive due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Next, Rage.Fan offers exclusive NFT collections for tennis, football, and basketball. Sports fans can use these NFTs in the Rage.Fan platform to play their favorite tournaments and earn money.

The way it works is sports fans first purchase the NFTs using $Rage tokens. Then they go onto the Rage.Fan fantasy sports platform and choose a tournament they want to play. Essentially, fans use the relevant NFTs to win rewards. As each NFT comes with its own utility and the holder earns based on that utility. I agree, an example is in order here, as follows.

For example, take the Rafael Nadal NFT. One can stake it to play the French Open or Wimbledon and one will earn on every match he wins. A fan can also earn extra depending on his or her seeding in these tournaments. This will put the fan’s game knowledge to test as he or she may want to use a Roger Federer NFT for Wimbledon and keep the Nadal NFT for the French Open.

Rage.Fan has plans for a season-long NFT for an exclusive collection for the Tokyo Olympics, American football, futsal, hockey, and Tour de France. You can dive in and/or learn more with a visit to Rage.Fan.

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