Smart Components Ease Remote Data Center Management

As the need to remotely manage data-center environments escalates, QTS Realty Trust is addressing this need with its Smart Family of data center remote management components. The family consists of the QTS SmartCam, QTS SmartCart, and QTS SmartSensors that pair artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies with predictive capabilities to enable real-time visibility and access, real-time notifications, and preemptive intelligent insights into colocation environments.

Embarking as an intelligent, real-time vision system, the QTS SmartCam informs users of events in real time. For greater visibility and security, SmartCam applies AI and ML to live streaming video of the data center to identify, capture, record, and log motion-activated events.

When operating with QTS’ physical security and badge management systems, SmartCam uses facial recognition to detect and identify badge holders and tags unrecognized individuals for the duration of their visit. ML enables the system to detect objects entering and leaving the center and identifies anomalies like a door left open or an abandoned package.

QTS SmartCart is a secure and intelligent keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) over IP service that lets users programmatically manage devices in their colocation space from anywhere globally. Users can configure, troubleshoot, and conduct tests on servers and network devices at any time.

QTS SmartCart

The QTS SmartSensors provide real-time visibility into critical temperature and relative humidity data at the rack-level and issue real-time notifications of changes in the data center. These notifications inform technicians of climate metrics and trends before they exceed safe thresholds, enabling a proactive approach to addressing potential issues. SmartSensor users can also apply predictive analysis to forecast future climate trends within their environment.

QTS SmartSensor

Ready to go remote but need deeper data and details? If so, pay a visit to QTS Realty Trust and/or call the company at 877-787-3282.

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