Student Startup Revamps Bluetooth-Enabled Stomp Boxes

Back in November of 2020, a student-led startup, dubbed Chaos Audio, launched a Kickstarter campaign for Stratus, its Bluetooth-enabled guitar effects platform. The team decided to halt the campaign in order to continue improving the platform.

Stratus, the versatile and affordable guitar pedal from the future.

Part of their improvement strategy, they picked the brains of industry pros, guitar enthusiasts, and musicians of every caliber to further hone the redesign of their original prototype. Landon McCoy, CEO of Chaos Audio, reports, “Stratus retains its original features, the looper, tuner, intuitive smartphone UI, and device customizability, while we made noticeable updates to the pedal design.”

On top of a new coat of paint, the footswitch is now more tactile and reliable. Also, the electronics are quieter and more responsive, and the smartphone app interface is simpler and faster. Essentially, the new pedal is more versatile, more affordable, and more intuitive.

Chaos Audio’s new Stratus Kickstarter campaign launches today at 12 pm EST with refocused reward tiers. The team is looking for $10,000 to help bring Stratus to market.

Ready to stomp and rock but need more stats before opening your wallet? Then checkout the Stratus Kickstarter page. Long live Rock….and Blues, and R&B, and Metal, and Jazz….and….

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