Automated Service Provides Maps For Autonomous Driving Anywhere

DeepMap, Inc. describes its RoadMemory as a “highly-scalable and economical crowdsourced mapping service that enables hands-off driving everywhere.” The automated service offers automotive OEMs fresh maps for most autonomous driving scenarios. These include both highways and urban roads.

The company claims RoadMemory expands geographic coverage quickly and supports autonomous driving features. Essentially, it will help automakers accelerate the creation and deployment of large-scale digital maps via data collected from their own fleets of passenger vehicles and trucks.

[RoadMemory demo of a highway map, with lane boundaries, driving lines, lane connectivity, signs, and poles.]

RoadMemory automatically builds maps using crowdsourced data collected from on-car sensors like cameras, radar, and LiDARs. The service is sensor-agnostic, thereby supporting automakers requiring an open system and allowing a choice of sensors to fit specific applications.

RoadMemory works with DeepMap’s High-Definition Reference (HDR), a high-fidelity mapping application. Reportedly, the HDR enables scalable coverage, low latency, and notable economics of crowdsourcing.

Ready to hit the road with your feet up on the dashboard, a drink in your hand, and a cigar in your pie hole, but need more details? Then drive, carefully mind you, over to the DeepMap overview page.

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