Live Music Tutor Cures The Pandemic Blues

During the great plague of 2020/21, a.k.a., COVID-19 or the dtV, many educational venues from schools to private tutoring went virtual. In contrast to all the touted negative effects of remote learning, virtual education is becoming a booming market. Case in point: the Live Music Tutor.

Creators of Live Music Tutor claim it’s “the world’s first complete online music platform that links students, instructors, professional musicians, live online performances, and music enthusiasts.” The platform has been around a while and the company is adding new features to accommodate its popularity. These include:

  • A subscription-based model that enables schools, music studios, private music instructors, and others to license our classroom with no software to download.
  • A unique metronome, the Stanfordnome, that connects some proprietary features into one that allows for virtual rehearsals and performances for small groups.
  • A white-label version that is fully customizable for almost any business large or small.

Additional features and offerings are also in the works. For more information, visit Live Music Tutor.

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