Robo Dog Is Affordable And LEGO Compatible

Here’s something I’m sure most people can’t live without. Upstart startup Celestial Robotics is introducing a robotic dog, dubbed TiBeast PC, which it claims has the “the same 12 Degrees of Freedom as Boston Dynamics’ Spot Mini and with a much easier to user interface.”

The top model TiBeast PC integrates a GPS sensor and a full-feature Windows 10 computer that enables autonomous operation beyond visual range. A true selling feature, all models of TiBeast are LEGO compatible.

The Powerul and Affordable Professional Robotic Dog

The mid-range TiBeast leaves out the Windows PC but retains all the other features. These include Bluetooth speakers and an on-board camera. The entry-level TiBeast Lite eliminates the speaker and camera for users who want motion-only features.

Additionally, all TiBeast models are compatible with a wide range of game controllers. These range from PS4 DualShock, PS5 DualSense, and Xbox controllers to generic PC-compatible joysticks, flight-sticks, and mobile phones. Celestial Robotics also offers its own 3D control software, Cradle Studio.

TiBeast is currently funding on Kickstarter with early bird pricing set at $289 for the TiBeast Lite, $389 for the TiBeast, and $639 for the TiBeast PC. All are set for shipment in October 2021. For deeper details and data, visit Celestial Robotics.

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