Smart Hand Gets A Facelift

Medical device company Bioservo Technologies is unveiling an updated version of its exoskeleton glove, Ironhand 2.0. The latest generation offers better activation and grip, advanced data collection, and more features to reduce the occurrence of hand-related repetitive strain injuries.

Debuting as the market’s first active soft exoskeleton for the hand, the glove mimics the grasp movements of a user’s hands and provides extra strength and endurance to the grip. Also available now is the IronConnect Pro application that collects pertinent information from the glove when it is in use. The app summarizes the data into ergonomic risk assessment reports in order to track risk of injury and proactively prevent it.

Essentially, the Ironhand system is a smart active exoskeleton. Employing sensors in the glove’s palm, finger tips. and middle phalanges, the glove activates when the wearer starts moving his or her hand to perform a task. Via machine learning, the glove learns from the user and, after a while, it can finish a movement or grip at the flick of the user’s fingers.

Additionally, the glove system connects to the internet through 4G or Wi-Fi and continuously sends data to the cloud for analysis. IronConnect Pro oversees glove usage and is compatible with iOS and Android. For more details, visit Bioservo Technologies.

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