LiDAR-Based Adaptive Perception Software Redesigns Smart Cities

Cron AI and partner Innoviz are ready to deliver their LiDAR-based adaptive perception software for smart cities, which they claim will “plug the gap between 3D sensing and real-world intelligent transport, smart spaces, and security applications.” The collaborators hope to accelerate the adoption of the InnovizOne LIDAR sensor and Cron AI’s senseEDGE platform into the intelligent-transport system, V2X, and smart city markets.

Cron AI’s senseEDGE platform bridges gaps between complex 3D sensing dynamics and real-world applications. The platform makes full use of the InnovizOne’s sensor and scanning resources. In turn, InnovizOne’s dense and high-resolution point cloud enables senseEDGE to provide real-time, low latency, accurate, and reliable object metadata information that is reportedly stronger than traditional object detection and tracking.

The automotive-grade, high-density InnovizOne LiDAR sensor and Cron AI’s ruggedized senseEDGE perception platform delivers critical real-time data to enable smart city, intelligent transport system applications, and connected ecosystems to perform efficiently. For deeper details and higher illuminations, visit Innoviz Technologies and Cron AI.

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