Interactive Artwork Forecasts The Not-So-Distant Future

Dustin Yellin, a Brooklyn, NY-based artist and founder and director of Pioneer Works multidisciplinary cultural center, unveils his latest work, titled Procession. Described as an “an augmented-reality artwork of our not-so-distant future”, the work debuts at The Tribeca Festival.

Yellin’s work, the fruit of collaborations with the National Wildlife Federation, Droga5, Squint/Opera, Q Department, Mach1, and Vrai Pictures, is interactive art that lets anyone place a Dustin Yellin sculpture in their immediate environment and bring the art to life via hundreds of narratives within the piece. Procession is essentially an augmented-reality (AR) app experience set in a utopian world where climate change wreaks havoc as one watches.

Reportedly, Procession is one of the first fine-art AR projects based on a sculpture to combine animation, collage, and archival footage into an interactive soundscape. It presents the near future as a period of global unrest and environmental destruction, spurred on by massive flood waters and wildfires. According to the artist, “humanity is faced with a choice: living in ignorance or uniting to preserve what’s left of our planet.”

Procession is available on Apple iOS and Android, listed as Procession AR. Ready to immerse yourself in the abyss of future shock? If so, download the Procession experience.

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