Analog Device With BIST Monitors Automotive Window Voltage

Maxim Integrated Products claims its MAX16137 analog, single-window voltage monitor is the industry’s first such device with built-in self-test (BIST). Enabling automotive designers to achieve functional safety while reducing circuit size by 50%, the window-monitor IC ensures protection by tracking both under- and over-voltage levels with a 1% accuracy while providing diagnostics and reset capabilities.

The MAX16137 BIST features check supervisor functionality without external circuitry, thereby reducing design complexity. The device is viable for use in a wide range of automotive systems like infotainment, body electronics, power, electric-vehicle power powertrains, and internet of things (IoT) systems.

Director of business management for the Core Products Group at Maxim Integrated Binay Bajaj says, “Many automotive engineers are building autonomous driving systems where safety is paramount. They have requested higher accuracy supervisory circuits with programmable voltage thresholds and tolerance and built-in self-test, all to make their systems more robust. The MAX16137 is the industry’s only supervisory IC with BIST to help engineers meet their goals.”

Price for the MAX16137 is $1 each/1,000 and the MAX16137EVKIT# development kit is available for $68. For deeper insights and brighter illuminations, download and peruse the MAX16137 datasheet.

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