EDA Platform Hypercharges IC Design, Debug, & Optimization

Diakopto, developer of analysis, visualization, and optimization tools for complex integrated circuit (IC) designs with a focus on layout parasitics, is claiming a design breakthrough with its ParagonX electronic design automation (EDA) platform. Described as an EDA tool, platform, and methodology, ParagonX promises to dramatically accelerate IC design debugging and optimization.

Diakopto’s platform addresses upswings in the number of parasitic elements in new ICs and their negative impact on design performance, precision, power, robustness, and reliability. As a result of this rise in parasitics, debugging the root causes of IC design problems is extremely difficult, tedious, and time-consuming.

Reportedly, ParagonX is fast and pinpoints the critical parasitic elements out of thousands, millions, or billions that are responsible for bottlenecks. It can reduce parasitics IC debugging and optimization time from days or weeks to minutes or hours, respectively.

ParagonX is in service at 30+ major IC companies for IC parasitics debugging and optimization in 0.35 µm to 3 nm technologies. A major feature of the ParagonX software is ease-of-use. It offers an out-of-the-box experience that enables novice users to get up and running with minimal training. The tool requires no complicated setup, configuration, CAD support, or foundry qualification. For more details, visit Diakopto.

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