Next-Gen Li-Ion Modules Power E-Transport Vehicles

Leclanché is introducing its latest generation of lithium-ion battery modules, the M3, for e-transport vehicles and vessels. The modules support up to 800A of continuous current and enable a battery system capable of delivering up to 1.2 kV with a functionally safe battery management system (BMS). The modules also feature life cycles up to 20,000 cycles (LTO) or up to 8,000 cycles (G/NMC).

Groomed for energy-intensive e-transport applications like marine, commercial vehicle, and railway, the higher density G/NMC versions target most transport applications while the LTO version typically suits applications where fast opportunity charging is necessary such as certain bus and automated guided vehicles and in hybrid hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Three M3 energy modules are available: the M3 (GNMC, 60Ah), M3 (GNMC, 65Ah), and the M3 (LTO34AH). Each module integrates a functionally-safe slave battery management system unit which communicates with a functionally-safe master battery management system unit. The BMS provides several energy-saving and safety features that include:

  • Meeting both ASILC and SIL 2 requirements.
  • The slave measures cell voltages and temperatures, and runs diagnostics such as open wire detection, reverse polarity protection and self-checks.
  • A dual-core processor offers redundancy, and the functionally safe operating system provides reliability by providing built-in memory protection and task management.
  • Power management integrated circuits offer stable power.
  • Low power consumption during operation and further reduced during sleep mode
  • Temperature sensors on alternate cells, providing fast and accurate response to individual cell temperature variations while ensuring safety and precise monitoring of temperature distribution.
Leclanché’s new module assembly line in Yverdon, Switzerland. The foreground shows the end of line tester that ensures the battery module’s quality and safety.

Additionally, M3 modules are fully compliant with relevant transport certification standards for battery modules. All charged up about these modules but require deeper data and details? If so, further illumination awaits on the M3 energy modules’ page. Also, download and peruse the M3 (GNMC, 60Ah), M3 (GNMC, 65Ah), and M3 (LTO34AH) datasheets.

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