Smartphone Gimbal Integrates AI Vision Sensor, Eliminates Need For An App

Hohem’s latest smartphone gimbal, dubbed iSteady V2, integrates a dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) vision sensor. Users need only to turn on the AI visual sensor on the top of the gimbal and control it remotely via physical gestures.

Uniquely, the gimbal tracks smartly and independently with no app necessary. One can use various livestreams, videos, beauty camera apps, and other media for smart tracking.

iSteady V2 users just need to turn on the AI visual sensor on the top of the gimbal and control it via personal gestures. For example, one can use an OK gesture to turn on smart tracking, show a palm gesture to turn off the smart tracking, thumbs-right for switching to portrait mode, and thumbs-up for switching to landscape mode.

Additionally, the AI vision sensor recognizes the contour of the human body. This means the gimbal can track a user’s movement even if he or she turns their back to it. Portrait position is customizable via the AI calibration setting in the Hohem Pro app and iSteady V2 will fix this position after set up and support the setting when using other camera apps.

Other features include and integrated LED video light with three levels of adjustable brightness, a compact and foldable design, and a weight of 263g. For greater gleanings, look at the iSteady V2 overview.

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