Historical Photo Collection Chronicles The Greater 20th Century

Getty Images’ latest archival collection, dubbed The Chronicle Collection, presents high-profile editorial photography from the 20th Century. The collection consists of 80,000 images spanning from the 1930s through the 1990s. It includes headline-making news coverage of presidents and politicians, celebrities and athletes, and everyday America.

Bob Ahern, Director of Getty Images’ Archive, reports, “The Chronicle Collection breathes renewed life into the archives of more than 70 individual photographers from across the globe, which, when taken in total, include thousands of stories and assignments shot during the golden age of American print media.” Culled from covers and features from magazines such as Time, LIFE, and Fortune, The Chronicle Collection showcases work from notable photographers including Diana Walker, Dirck Halstead, Robin Platzer, Bob Gomel, Cynthia Johnson, Carl Iwasaki, Lee Lockwood, Robert Nickelsberg, Don Cravens, Vernon Merritt III, Margaret Bourke-White, and Donald Uhrbrock, to name a few.

Getty Images notes that the collection will continue to grow in both size and scope over the coming months and years. Why wait days, months, even years, when you can ogle The Chronicle Collection now. You’re waiting for what?

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