Portable LED Projector Exploits ToF Technology

Boasting an ultralight and portable design, ViewSonic’s M2e Instant Smart 1080p LED projector employs time-of-flight (ToF) technology to achieve instant auto focus. The ToF technology enables the projector to auto focus in one second (1s), which is allegedly three- to five-times faster than comparable units on the market.

For a bit of background, ToF sensors are a type of scanner-less light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology that measures distance based on the time it takes for photons to travel between the sensor’s emitter and the target area. Reportedly, this enables accurate distance ranging regardless of the object’s surface characteristics. ToF sensors also exhibit highly accurate linearity with a detection range up to 3m with a full field of view.

When a typical projector moves, it requires refocusing via a press on the remote control to trigger auto focus or manual adjustments on the focus ring. With its ToF G sensor design, the M2e detects changes of position and automatically triggers instant auto focus.

For portability, the M2e weighs just 1 kg. Other features include instant power on/off, auto keystone, and a stepless stand for custom projection angles. Users can also import content from smartphones via Wi-Fi, input/output audio via Bluetooth, or perform direct single-cable streaming via USB Type-C.

Ready to start projecting but thirst for deeper insights and enlightenment? If so, peruse the M2e overview and specifications.

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