Sensors Keep Global Airspace Secure

Surpassing 1,000 sensors sold, smart airspace security company Dedrone is claiming position as “the most trusted global counter-drone company.” The Dedrone platform detects, identifies, and locates approximately 250 different drone types and provides mitigation when authorized for use.

The platform employs an extensive drone library that leverages a machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) validation process for maximum detection of various drone types and manufacturers. And it reportedly detects drones with minimal false positives.

Dedrone is garnering the confidence of top security and commercial organizations. For example, Dedrone provides airspace security to four of the G7 nation governments including the US Department of Defense. Over 700 DedroneDefender guns are in place to defend airspace against drones without compromising safety or risking collateral damage.

Over 55 critical infrastructure sites globally rely on Dedrone’s airspace security solution. These include refineries, nuclear plants, ports, and utilities. Additionally, Dedrone technology carries yearly certification from the UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

Other Dedrone deployments include airports, correctional facilities, and diverse commercial enterprises. For further flights of enlightenment, visit the Dedrone website.

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