Streaming Platform Forges An Art World Revolution

WindowSight is making its debut as a visual-arts streaming platform that delivers high-definition (HD) art digitally into homes and businesses while paying artists equitably. The platform streams HD art on smart TVs and integrates an equitable revenue structure. The revenue structure sends 50% to 60% of the monthly subscription fee directly to the artists.

Allegedly, WindowSight is the only platform displaying both HD video and still images of renowned artists including World Press Photo Award winners John Stanmeyer, Steve Winter, Christian Ziegler, and award-winning illustrators the likes of John Holcroft and Nick Lowndes. Streaming content includes contemporary visual art such as paintings, illustrations, photography, video, and digital art. The streaming gallery displays over 10,000 pieces from over 150 artists, spanning six continents.

Available now on iOS and Android mobile devices, WindowSight is downloadable through the App Store or Google Play with immediate streaming on most Smart TVs. It will also be available through Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick in the first quarter of 2022.

Potential subscribers have the choice of a “Free for All” plan or a monthly subscription package starting at $5.99. Glean more by visiting WindowSight.

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