Car Audio System First To Deliver 384-kHz/32-bit Resolution

Manufacturer of electronic components and automotive infotainment systems, Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. and its domestic marketing division, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., are launching AlpineF#1Status, which they claim is the pinnacle of car audio. Described as a complete premium car audio system that embodies Alpine’s vision of Emotion in Mobility, AlpineF#1Status is reportedly the industry’s first automotive audio system to achieve a 384-kHz/32-bit playback resolution. Alpine’s vision of Emotion in Mobility, translates to providing listeners with the emotional experience of a live performance.

AlpineF#1Status is the first such system in the automotive-audio industry to achieve 384-kHz/32-bit resolution audio playback, allegedly more than 17 times the amount of digital audio data in a standard CD (44.1 kHz/16 bit). The system focuses on three parameters: time scale synchronization of audio signal transmission, sound arrival, and a custom tone frequency range of a four-way speaker system.

Depending on a person’s age and other circumstances, the human ear may be able to hear frequencies up to 20 kHz. Extending that range, 384-kHz resolution audio allows playback of ultrahigh tonal ranges up to 192 kHz. Traditional audio systems that limit audio to a frequency range that humans can hear causes compromises in the original signal, creating a reproduction that differs from the original.

High-resolution audio includes frequency ranges outside the range of human hearing. This provides richer tonal ranges, expanding the sense of detail and depth of the music. Additionally, high-resolution audio reproduction minimizes distortion even at high volumes.

AlpineF#1Status employs four digital sound processors running at rates up to 1 GHz/64 bit. This enables the system to perform time alignment adjustments with a precision of approximately 0.9 mm.

For speakers, AlpineF#1Status uses high-performance carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) in each speaker that completely synchronizes the speaker’s tone by unifying the diaphragm material of each speaker. An aerospace material, CFRP is lightweight and versatile enough to reproduce frequencies ranging from low to ultra-high.

Introduction of AlpineF#1Status will begin with the launch of a demo vehicle that will tour the US in the summer of 2022. Sales will start in the fall of 2022. For more details and higher sound-pressure levels, peruse the AlpineF#1Status overview.

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