Partners Cut Safety Laser Scanner Size In Half

Semiconductor maker Maxim Integrated Products and industrial-sensor expert SICK are teaming up to create the “industry’s smallest LiDAR safety laser scanner.”  Maxim’s MAX14914 software-configurable digital IO device enabled a 50% size reduction of SICK’s microScan3 Core I/O LiDAR-based safety laser scanner.

Designers from both companies optimized the unique scanner’s design by replacing some discrete components with the MAX14914 software configurable digital IO and the MAX22191 parasitic powered digital input along with other Maxim ICs to achieve the size reduction. Compared to the original microScan3 Core I/O, the nanoScan3 exhibits an overall height of 8 cm. Christian Matt, development engineer at SICK, reveals, “By reducing the size to 106.6 mm in length, 117.5 mm in width, and 80 mm in height, the nanoScan3 is opening new potential applications where space is highly critical.”

A major advantage of nanoScan3’s size reduction is mounting flexibility. It fits easily on various autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), mobile platforms, and robots, allowing them to navigate safely within space-constrained areas. For more details, check out Maxim’s Digital IO solutions and SICK’s nanoScan3.

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