Cars May Soon Run On Smelling Salts

Can a household cleaner that one can more than affordably purchase from a local supermarket or hardware store disrupt the $14-Trillion electric-vehicle industry? We often hear all things are possible, but with an industry-wide initiative to create all-electric vehicles, do we really need another combustible and highly stinky fuel? One Canadian company believes so.

Believe it or not, AmmPower Corp. sees the common household variety of ammonia as “the fuel of the future in the new age of electric vehicles.” The small energy company out of Canada, is developing proprietary technology that can produce cleaner ammonia more efficiently.

Sounds bizarre, but ammonia debuted as a fuel nearly 80 years ago when a shortage of diesel fuel hit Belgium during World War II. With the country’s bus system on the verge of shutting down, engineers designed a combustion system that runs on ammonia.

AmmPower is building modular units to produce ammonia. The company believes its design could make it easy for anyone to produce and store as much fuel as they need. The modular units are allegedly scalable and stackable, allowing users to buy larger models or stack more together to scale up production.

AmmPower believes its technology could be a huge boon for the shipping industry and beyond. According to the company, ammonia may power everything from cars to vans, trucks, forklifts, and jets. Today, there are 120+ ports equipped with ammonia terminals.

In addition to ammonia being a fuel on its own, it’s convertible into hydrogen, which opens a market to power both ammonia- and hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles. Ready to gas up with ammonia but need deeper data and details? If so, grab your smelling salts and visit the AmmPower Corp. website.

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