Next-Gen Platform Offers Video & Image Annotation Tools For Machine Learning

Machine learning and computer vision company Innotescus is launching an image and video annotation platform that provides an intuitive annotation workspace, comprehensive analytics, and a collaborative environment for users to produce high-quality training datasets. Deemed a visionary video and image annotation platform for machine learning, the Innotescus platform promises to significantly improve annotation speed and accuracy.

After years of creating custom software to collect and analyze complex image data that trains machine learning algorithms, Innotescus’ co-founders spent a ton of time on annotated data. At the time, there was no existing platform to ease and accelerate this area of development. To remedy the situation, the founders built their own platform. For their purposes, the Innotescus platform delivers accurate annotation tools to machine-learning practitioners.

Innotescus founders, Shashank, Chris, and Rob

CEO of Innotescus Tim Tannert says, “With our core feature set validated and in production, Innotescus has been able to focus on building features that enable teams to efficiently and effectively conquer the entire data preparation process.” Innotescus is now available in a number of tiers to support a wide range of users. To learn more, visit Innotescus.

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