Wet Tantalum Caps Handle Temps To +200°C

With an eye on harsh, high-temperature applications like oil exploration, military, and aerospace, Vishay Intertechnology’s SMD HI-TMP wet tantalum capacitors operate in temperatures up to +200°C. They boast resistance to shock up to 300 cycles and a lifespan up to 2,000 hours.

The T24 series components come in a compact C case code, reportedly offering a smaller size and footprint than equivalent through-hole and over-molded high-temperature devices. Measuring 9 mm x 7.1 mm x 7.4 mm, the capacitors reside in tantalum metal cases with a glass-to-tantalum hermetic seal.

Other features include 200°C derated voltage ratings of 45 and 75 Vdc and capacitance values of 33 µF and 10 µF, respectively. Capacitance tolerance is ±10 %, ±20 % standard. The capacitors operate over a temperature range of -55°C to +85°C, to +200 °C with voltage derating and specify a maximum ESR down to 2.5Ω at 120 Hz and +85°C.

Samples and production quantities of the T24 series are available now with lead times of 10 weeks. Pricing for US delivery starts at $50 each. For deeper insights, download and peruse the T24 series datasheet.

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