Energy Harvesting Development Kit Erases Battery-Life Headaches

Partnering up, Xidas and PowerFilm are launching an all-in-one IoT energy harvesting development kit for wireless-device applications. One of the biggest concerns with wireless IoT deployments is how to extend battery life and reduce the time and cost of battery replacement in the field. As an example, the partners claim that, “in industrial settings, each battery replacement can cost from $250 to $500 since someone needs to take the time to go out, change the battery, and re-commission the system.” 

The Xidas and PowerFilm kit employs state-of-the-art vibration, a method of capturing power from vibrations coming off machines. It also includes an indoor solar energy harvesting platform that can perpetually power a device for 10 or more years.

The kit provides both energy harvesting types (vibration and solar), allowing users to learn which one is best for their application. Additionally, the evaluation board comes with both a system output and regulated output to support either a resistive load or a sensor.

All pieces in the kit are commercially available for production-level products. For more details, visit Xidas and PowerFilm.

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