Partners Perpetrate ADAS Deployments

Electric vehicle maker Arrival is partnering with artificial intelligence (AI) vision semiconductor company Ambarella to further advance autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in its vehicles. Arrival is enlisting the Ambarella CV2FS CVflow AI vision processor for the environmental perception module in all types of Arrival’s vehicles. The module is in place to enable autonomous driving (AD) and ADAS features in the Arrival Bus and Van.

The Ambarella CV2FS AI vision processor is an open platform for differentiated, high-performance automotive systems. With CVflow AI processing and ASIL-B(D) compliance, the device is highly suitable for use in forward-facing monocular and stereo vision ADAS cameras and computer-vision electronic control units (ECUs) for higher levels of AD.

ADAS features arm commercial vehicles with advanced safety and convenience-related driver assistance capabilities including lane departure warning (LDW), lane keeping assist (LKA), vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist detection, blind spot monitoring (BSM), traffic sign recognition (TSR), and traffic light recognition (TLR). Another advantage, the platform requires no future hardware upgrades.

Ready to hop on the bus but need deeper details, data, and gleanings? If that’s the case, then pay a visit to Ambarella and Arrival.

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