Foam Tips Say, “Hey Earbuds, Let’s Party”

Consumer electronics company Hearing Components unveils its Comply Foam Tips for Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Jabra 85t earbuds. The company claims its Comply tips help improve comfort and sound beyond standard silicone tips. Also, earbuds using the Comply tips will still charge while in their case.

The result of lengthy ear canal research, Comply Foam tips employ oval-shaped, body-heat activated memory foam to adapt and mold them to the listener’s ear canals. Notably, this creates a custom, safe, comfortable, and secure fit.

Comply Foam Tips are your partner in crime for your remote work. Tips confirm to your ear providing a more secure, comfortable fit for longer wear times.

Chris Hudson, President at Comply, says, “The memory foam conforms to your ear, keeping them in place providing a comfortable fit that solves ear pain caused from long wear times. Plus, this snug fit improves sound quality and helps block unwanted noise. Whether you’re a music fanatic, an athlete, or on and off calls throughout the day, this is a great hack to improve already great earbuds.”

Comply Foam Tips are great for on-the-go errands, relaxing at the beach, grooving to the music or hitting the pavement. Soft memory foam conforms to your ear providing an unshakeable fit.

Comply Foam TrueGrip Pro Tips, TWo-220-C for Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Jabra 85t devices are available now. A three-pair package costs $24.99. Ready to plug in, turn on, and listen but need more details? If so, pay a visit to the Comply Foam website.

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