Digital Piano Feels And Sounds Like A Concert Grand

Casio America is expanding its Privia PX-S series digital pianos with the PX-S1100. The company claims the new member of the series plays, feels, and sounds like a grand piano with a wide range of tonal expression from lows to highs and Bluetooth MIDI capability. The PX-S1100 replaces the PX-S1000 while retaining its slim design.

Reportedly, the feel of the PX-S1100 duplicates a grand piano with weighted action that is subtly heavier in the lower range and becomes lighter as the player ascends the keyboard. Better string resonance reproduces the harmonics of an acoustic piano and its upgraded speakers and speaker positioning yields a warmer sound. The piano also features a multi-dimensional morphing AiR Sound Source that provides a sense of ambience, localization, and clarity.

Also included, the WU-BT10 adapter adds Bluetooth MIDI and audio capabilities, allowing users to wirelessly connect to compatible Bluetooth devices and use the piano itself as a Bluetooth speaker. Additionally, the Chordana Play for Piano app offers control and education features, allowing players to control all functions from a tablet while providing real-time interactive piano lessons.

The PX-S1100 will be available for purchase in September 2021. For more details, peruse the PX-S1100 overview page.

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