Small Robot Gets A Job

Robotics integrator RobotLAB is introducing Pepper as “a cost-effective, artificial intelligence (AI) based robot, designed exclusively for small and medium businesses.” The company claims this is in response to the economy struggling to find qualified employees due to the lingering pandemic.

Pepper Robot Wine Store

Essentially, RobotLAB scaled down its enterprise-grade Robot Control software into a simpler version for small businesses. Installed in the Pepper Robot, the small-business edition software retains features like the menu on Pepper’s tablet, informational + interactive slides, and a basic conversational mode. Paul Knaack, Head of Customer Success at RobotLAB, says “The new version of the software lets the Pepper Robot shine, while allowing non-technical users to manage the content.”

The package is available for companies with up to 20 employees. For larger enterprises, and educational institutes, Pepper Premium and Pepper Premium+Nav are also available. The robots come with a Robot Management System, the ability to navigate autonomously, comprehensive reporting, chatbot integration, and an API-based interface for custom programming.

Ready to learn more about a potential employee that probably will not complain when you have to work late? If so, visit RobotLAB, contact RobotLAB via email, or call direct at 1-415-702-3033.

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