Music Label Signs Avatars To Perform On The Metaverse

Tired of live music? Bored looking at singers, guitar players, and drummers that have more tattoos than hair (and talent)? If that’s the case, then blockchain, AI, and virtual-world music-label startup Soundr has an alternative for you.

Soundr is developing music artists in the form of interactive avatars that will exist exclusively in the metaverse. According to Wikipedia, the Metaverse “is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the Internet.”

Soundr is allegedly the first music label to only sign interactive virtual acts that will exist exclusively as avatars in the metaverse. An Emo-pop girl group, dubbed SKuLLz, will launch with an NFT drop today, July 8, 2021, that details their development through concept art, collectables, and a chance to win tickets to their first sound check and launch party in the metaverse later this year.

Soundr claims it’s creating a more democratic music label where fans have greater autonomy over the music acts they engage with. The company bases its venture on the observation that young people spend more of their social lives online and the demand for digital-only artists is escalating.

Soundr is collaborating with blockchain producer EOS Detroit on the eco-friendly WAX blockchain. Recalibrating the high price of current NFT’s, Soundr will offer its collection at prices starting at $7.

Well, the news ain’t fake, but the performers may be questionable. Then, that’s up to you to decide. For deeper deviations, visit Soundr. Also check out SKuLLz.

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