Robots Wheel & Deal In Data Sales

Robonomics, an artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics company, reports its engineers can integrate robots with the ability to sell and buy the data they gather autonomously. In essence, they’ve automated the monetization of IoT data.

Robonomics is employing the Ocean Protocol to secure and tokenize datasets. Reportedly, the company is creating a unique class of assets, previously unavailable due to the inability to secure and exchange proprietary data. Robonomics claims its process is simple: any dataset is transformable into an asset via tokenization. The Ocean Protocol handles the tokenization process.

Token ownership allows access to embedded data via public-private key cryptography. It’s now possible to monetize tokenized data and create new markets. Robonomics develops open, decentralized platforms for robots, IoT control, and communication. In addition to monetizing the activities of robots and devices, the company also enables them to communicate data and trade value between each other automatically.

For an example, one unique application would be the tokenization of environmental data. A mobile device or a network of stationary IoT sensors collects environmental data. The data is then storable on the blockchain in a secure and tamper-proof way. This data can then be automatically tokenized using the Ocean Protocol, enabling a second layer of responsive devices to consume and act on this data.

Ready to get your robots wheeling, dealing, and haggling but need more data? If so, pay a visit to Robonomics.

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