Traveling Exhibit Goes Inside The Mind Of The Father of Impressionism

Over two years in the making and heralded as the world’s largest immersive traveling experience, Monet By The Water starts its eight-city North American tour December 2021 in San Francisco, CA. The rolling exhibit honors the 180th anniversary of Claude Monet’s Birth. Via state-of-the-art technology, it promises to “transport audiences inside the mind of the father of Impressionism.” After the exhibit’s initial debut in San Francisco at a secret location, it moves on to Minneapolis, Atlanta, Seattle, Miami, Denver, St. Louis, and Philadelphia.

A team of digital artists developed a unique process to reimagine Monet’s paintings into a multilayer, immersive exhibition that pairs traditional and contemporary artistic languages in a way that pays homage to the artist. An original soundtrack and ambient sound complement the immersive experience. Occupying 40,000 square feet, the experience features more than 300 pieces of Monet’s art with 26-foot-high multi-screen projections, original music, and sound effects.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Monet By The Water. Also pay a visit to Mira, the Museum of Immersive Roaming Arts.

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