LiDAR System Extends Mapping Reach

Trimble’s MX50 LiDAR system expands the company’s mapping portfolio for asset management. The vehicle-mount system debuts as a mid-range option for first-time mobile mapping users and experienced providers to expand their equipment fleet. It targets highway inspection and maintenance organizations, city, state and local governments, public utilities, contractors, and survey companies that need to expand their service capabilities.

The MX50 features unique profiling lasers for accurate data collection, a 360° panoramic camera, and a GNSS/IMU positioning system from Trimble’s Applanix company. The system produces dense point clouds and immersive imagery for surveying and mapping accuracy and works with Applanix POSPac, Trimble Business Center, and Trimble’s MX software suite.

Trimble MX50 LiDAR System Expands Mobile Mapping Portfolio

According to Jacek Pietruczanis, business area Director for Mobile Mapping at Trimble Geospatial, “The Trimble MX50 reduces the complexity of mobile mapping while enabling users to be more productive and efficient in mapping and managing assets, and maintaining highways and roads. Combined with Trimble’s complete software field-to-finish workflow, the MX50 enables users to take control of the data they have captured from the comfort and safety of their vehicle.”

The Trimble MX50 is available now. Thirsty for greater gleanings? If so, peruse the MX50 overview and the MX50 user guide.

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