NIR Optical Platform Improves 3D-Sensing & LiDAR Apps

Optics company NIL Technology is launching a unique flat, multi-functional optics platform for near-infrared (NIR) 3D-sensing and LiDAR applications. Touting multi-functionality, a compact footprint, and extreme optical performance, the company believes its diffractive optical elements (DOE) platform will break new ground in smartphone, automotive, and other applications. The company focuses on three advantages of the DOE platform: compactness, high efficiency, and mass production ability.

In terms of size, or compactness, NIL’s optical platform includes diffusers, fan-outs (also known as dot projectors, beam splitters or structured light), and collimators to enable multi-functionality. The company can make one module that provides multiple optical functions in a single process. This results in an overall size reduction, a shorter optical path, easier integration, and a reduction in the number of necessary optical modules.

Simulated dot pattern of a VCSEL array projected through a DOE collimator and 3 x 3 fan-out DOE.

For boosting efficiency, proprietary design algorithms optimize optical efficiency and maximize performance. Reportedly, fan-outs for dot illuminators enable consistent dot uniformity with high contrast and no stich effects. According to the company, this delivers precise 3D images fast while consuming less power.

Production wise, employing its validated methodology, the DOE is ready for mass production. For deeper details and data, review the multifunctional 3D spec sheet. Also visit the NIL Technology website.

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