Latin America Judges Finland’s Heavy Metal Bands

Although not everyone may be searching for, or in need of learning about, the next stars of Finnish heavy metal, an online competition is about to take place between bands from Finland. The country’s minister of culture is financing the event and, for reasons unknown, wants Latin America to choose their next big heavy metal outfit.

Allegedly, Finland is considered to be “the heart and soul of one of the great subgenres of rock music: heavy metal. The country’s metal bands are inspiring musicians to include this style of music into operas, opening paths to female singers and mixing magical sagas with folkloric lore with the most extreme heavy metal styles.” This includes symphonic forays into death metal that include elements of shamanism and tales of mythic monsters.

Finland is also known for its enormous number of original metal bands that go deep into their cultural roots. Heavy metal has been the official music brand in Finland. Stats show there are 70 metal bands per 100,000 habitants.

I’m sure this is probably the most important question on your mind and lips: which Finnish metal band will be the country’s next big thing? The Finnish minister of culture says, “the South American crowd will be responsible to choose the great winner through online voting.”

I wonder if first prize is cash or smoked fish. If this piques your curiosity, take a gander at the 10 Best Finnish Heavy Metal Bands. Earplugs are optional.

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