Mix Of Technologies Thwart Driver Fatigue

Operators of large commercial vehicles undergo rigorous training to drive large rigs safely. But even the best of drivers are at times under pressure to meet tight deadlines, which may lead to driving longer hours and through dangerous weather conditions. These situations can lead to driver fatigue and lack of concentration, all of which are a recipe for disaster.

Commercial-vehicle camera system maker Brigade Electronics has a few solid methods for preventing driver fatigue and distractions. According to the company, approximately10% to 20% of all road crashes are the result of driver fatigue and approximately 8% link to driver distraction. Corey Heniser, CEO of Brigade Electronics, believes a combination of various technologies can prevent accidents, minimize distractions, and reduce driver fatigue.

Blind Spots

First up is the use of active vehicle-safety systems to eliminate blind spots. Passive systems, like mirrors and cameras, require driver input to spot objects or people. If the driver is not looking at the mirror at a critical moment, accidents happen. The solution is an active vehicle safety system that delivers audible alerts, requiring the driver to take immediate action.

False Alerts

Ultrasonic detection systems warn drivers of moving and stationary objects near their vehicles while also alerting other road users of the vehicle’s proximity. Sensor systems on the sides, rear, and front of the vehicle detect objects in blind spots and gather detection data like the speed, direction, and distance of a cyclist from the vehicle. Sensor data calculates the risk of collision, significantly reducing the threat of false alarms.

Remote Management

In vehicle closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology has been around for some time. Current CCTVs can add functionality such as 4G connectivity that enables remote fleet management. For example, Brigade’s MDR with BRIDGE system allows fleet managers to track vehicles live, offers geo-fencing capabilities so managers can identify when vehicles are entering or leaving specific areas, and provides trigger warnings that instantly notify fleet managers of incidents. For drivers, they can also send an instant notification in the event of an emergency.

For more details, visit Brigade Electronics.

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