Coil Driver Tech Slashes EV Infrastructure Costs & Complexities

Exro Technologies, provider of intelligent control solutions for power electronics, ushers in a unique application for its Coil Driver technology that promises to reduce the cost and complexity of deploying electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure at scale. The technology, proven to boost performance and reduce the cost of powertrains, now enables EVs to fast charge and provide electricity back to the grid regardless of power source or charger type. Exro has filed a new family of patents for this new application.

Extro’s Coil Driver technology can provide Level 1 to Level 4 charging capabilities, and return electricity back to the grid, reportedly with significantly less power electronics. This includes charging capabilities from renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

According to the company, current EVs need three different types of components to power the vehicle in motion and charge the batteries from the grid or renewable energy source. These are a motor drive, an on-board charger, and an external dc fast charger. Exro’s Coil Driver technology replaces all three components, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of deploying EVs and their charging infrastructures.

Initially, it appears that adding a minimal number of voltage sensors to the Coil Driver enables this unique charging infrastructure use case. Exro plans to continue development to validate whether the Coil Driver can be a grid-connected energy storage solution and provide electricity back when needed for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications.

Getting all pumped up about this cost-saving, environmentally-friendly power technology but thirst for greater knowledge? If so, peruse Exro Technologies’ Coil Driver overview.

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